Marketing, motherhood and Messy Play – Tamara’s Story

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Marketing, motherhood and Messy Play – Tamara’s Story

Our Mess Around franchise owners come from a wide array of backgrounds- from childcare, accountancy and HR to name a few. But today we hear from Tamara from Mess Around Northamptonshire, who joined us in April 2018- she took the leap from a full time employed role to business ownership and hasn’t looked back. Check out her Mess Around franchise ownership story, so far.

The leap from Employment to Self Employment

If you asked me two years ago, would I be running my own messy play business, particularly one working with children, I probably would have laughed at you. I had always been very driven by my career in Marketing, working for an international business running worldwide marketing campaigns. But two years ago our whirlwind arrived, our daughter Esme.

I was the ‘career mum’ who would be going back after 6 months maternity leave, but 6 months came and went and I finally returned to work after 12 months. I could never have predicted how much having a child would change me. I wanted to treasure every moment I had with her and couldn’t imagine leaving her to go back to work.

When I did return to work, I found it really challenging. I was commuting almost two hours in the car each day and when I finally picked Esme up from the childminders, she was going to bed and I was exhausted. After 6 months back at work, something had to give.

From Marketing to Messy Play

I had started to scope out part-time roles, but everything was either a step down the career ladder or a massive pay cut and in most cases, role were non-existent. I didn’t want to give up a career I had worked so hard for but I needed something that would challenge me, use my skills but give me back some precious family time.

That’s when a Mess Around advert jumped out at me online. At the time friends and family were saying to me ‘you would be good at that’, and as much as I wanted to believe it I didn’t want to just jump into it because It would be ‘fun’. I could see it would be hard work but that I could get out of it what I put into it. I loved the thought of being able to run a business that allowed me to use my marketing skills too.

Mess Around Northamptonshire had been running successfully for a couple of years and the owner had decided to step down. I started to enquire about more information, had a chat with Krissy, the Mess Around Ltd owner, with my millions of questions, all of which she answered and put my mind at rest and I even chatted with an existing franchisee to learn their perspective. I was hooked!

I signed on the dotted line in April and haven’t looked back. I have had endless support from Krissy (and not just at the beginning of signing up to the franchise) and she is always there to encourage and guide me.  The other franchisees support each other with ideas and suggestions, we really are a big team. I am also finding that my marketing skills have been invaluable, and I am also able to support other franchisees too.

It has been a big learning curve and each session I run I learn something new. But each time I host an event or birthday party I realise why I am doing this. Seeing families have fun together is so rewarding and when I step back and think ‘I helped make that happen’ I am so proud.

I have zero regrets about stepping away from my full-time employment to be my own boss. I get to run my own business, use my marketing and business skills, be challenged and ultimately fit this into my family life rather than fitting my family around work. I am excited about continuing to grow my business and I know with the support of Mess Around I can achieve my goals.

Becoming a franchise owner can seem daunting, particularly if you are taking from the leap from employed to self-employed status. Our franchise owners all benefit from the flexibility of running a business with the security of support from an experienced, friendly and dedicated network. Why not get in touch to discover how a Mess Around franchise can work for you.

For more information about our fantastic franchise opportunities available at Mess Around complete an enquiry form today at Join our family to receive a copy of our prospectus.

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