Why YOU are perfect for a Mess Around Franchise: The transferable skills you didn’t realise you had

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Our parties and events, run by our wonderful, dedicated franchise leaders throughout the UK, are multi-sensory, larger-than-life, messy play experiences for under 5’s and older siblings.

Why YOU are perfect for a Mess Around Franchise: The transferable skills you didn’t realise you had

At Mess Around Ltd we have network across the country and everyone one of them had different careers and experience before joining us. We have teachers, marketers, public health workers, early years practitioners and accountants amongst the team and despite the wide ranging differences in their roles each have some key transferable skills that are perfect for running a Mess Around Franchise.

We have selected the top five skills you probably didn’t even realise you had:

Organisational Skills

Our successful franchisees can not only plan and run their business but are also juggling their family lives, education and part-time roles. If you see yourself as ‘the organiser’ in your current career or the ‘go-to’ person amongst your friends and family for organisational skills then running a mess around franchise should come easy.

You would be coordinating and running fantastic events and birthday parties- as well as doing all the background work to get guests to attend, prepare materials and market your businesses. The ability to always be thinking ‘what next’ and planning ahead is key.

Time Management

Like organisational skills, time management is key. Planning ahead and being organised in how you manage your time can help you implement your fantastic ideas. Many of our franchisees are planning their events calendars six months ahead, coordinating their diaries to book in birthday parties and then fitting in their family commitments too.

It goes without saying that if you are always late- then running a successful business where you are organising events may not be for you. Allowing yourself plenty of time for your business but also for you is vital.

People Skills

Mess Around is a people orientated franchise- interacting with parents, but also children to ensure they have a fantastic, memorable experience. Excellent interpersonal skills are vital to help you build loyalty with your customers and get them coming back!

Some of our franchisees had never worked with children before but their previous jobs gave them the confidence to build their people skills. We also have franchisees that don’t have children themselves- but of course love the opportunity to have lots of fun with them at the events.


Don’t panic- you don’t have to come from an accountancy or finance background to run a Mess Around franchise. But if you are a ‘sensible’ spender and can manage your personal finances then is a fantastic transferable skill to run a successful business.

You will be sourcing venues, buying materials, managing your ticket sales and coordinating other costs like advertising and marketing. So it’s key to keep an eye on your spending and control your costs so you can make a sizeable profit at each event or party you run.

Passion and Aspiration to Succeed

Another vital skill to successful franchise owners is a passion to succeed. The main ingredient to a successful business is YOU. Our franchisee are committed to growing their businesses, passionate about being the best and always striving to see how they can be even better.

Using your skills with a Mess Around franchise

Our Mess Around franchise package offers you the flexibility to run your own business but with the support of a tried and test model in your own exclusive territory, all backed up with the support of our experienced, friendly and dedicated network.

Your investment secures everything you need to get started, including training, equipment, support and resources. You get the fantastic opportunity to be own boss, whilst receiving all the help and support you would lack if you were to go it alone. As many of our franchisees say, it’s the best of both worlds.

To discover more about Mess Around and whether a messy play franchise is for you. Visit our website and download a prospectus.

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