Behind the Scenes at Mess Around Beds & North Bucks

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Behind the Scenes at Mess Around Beds & North Bucks

We are so lucky to have a great family of franchisees here at Mess Around. Our franchisees are from a variety of backgrounds and each run fantastic sessions in their region. We will be sharing regular ‘behind the scenes’ perspectives from our team- today we hear from Mess Around Beds & North Bucks.

Name – Katrina

The area you mess in? Bedfordshire and North Buckinghamshire

How long have you been a Mess Around owner? – 3 years

Do you have any messy children? – Thomas who is 3 and a half years old

What did you do before you had a career in spaghetti? I was a management accountant for a well known retailer

When you’re not messing around, what do you enjoy doing? Really boring but I love spending time with my family and making the most of Thomas’s early years.  I also enjoy playing netball and I volunteer on my local netball league’s committee.

Why did you join Mess Around? I joined Mess Around because I love the concept of taking your children somewhere where they can be messy, have fun and just be children and learn through play.  I love that Mess Around is so inclusive and that there is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ messy play!  I knew I didn’t want to go back to working for someone else and I wanted the flexibility of working for myself as and when I could and around my son – I’m so lucky that I’ve been there for all his milestones.

What’s been your messy highlight so far? I couldn’t possibly choose one thing but the best thing by far is being chosen to be part of a child’s birthday.  There is something very special about being part of someone’s memories on their birthday.

What’s your favourite messy material? At the moment it’s squishy, squelchy soap mud!  But I am partial to Crazy Soap and I do love rainbow rice!

What messy plans do you have for the future? To continue running the best Messy Play sessions in Beds & North Bucks!

What’s the best thing about being a Mess Around franchisee? The flexibility to work when you want and need too.  Also, you are with a group of like-minded Leaders that are so helpful and willing to share their experiences to help better the Brand – even though you work for yourself, you never feel like you are alone.

What’s your favourite event? This is an easy one…Life’s a Beach!

What tips would you pass onto anyone who is looking to join our Mess Around family? I would say go for it!  It’s so rewarding to see children enjoying your sessions.  Even if you aren’t an expert in marketing or you aren’t great with numbers, the expertise our Mess Around leaders have and you can draw from is amazing – don’t let the fear of not being able put you off.  If you have the passion for mess and you are brave enough to take a leap into the world of self-employment, you are hardworking and realistic, you will make your Mess Around Franchise a success!

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