Five simple Superhero messy play activities to try at home

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Five simple Superhero messy play activities to try at home

Ka-pow – Put on your hero capes on and fly along to our BRAND NEW Super Mess Party! Come along and save the world with your Little Super Hero’s.  With Hulk spaghetti, Batman rice and Wonder Woman foam and lots of other superhero messy play to explore.

We have lots of sessions running across the UK- all you have to do is come along and Mess Around and leave the cleaning up to us!

But if you want to get inspired and try some messy play at home then here are five simple Superhero themed messy activities for your budding wonder woman or superman!

Superman Rice Tea Party

We just love this Superman Logo made from coloured rice. You can ‘save the day’ for your budding superheros and have lots of fun colouring rice in any colour you can imagine. Discover more about how to colour rice here.

Batman Slime

Our classic Mess Around gooey slime recipe that we use all year round in our Messy Play sessions is such a hit with kids (and grown-ups) of all ages, and it’s really easy for you to make for messy play at home. We coloured our Slime yellow to create the perfect Batman signal!

Pop, Bang, Kapow Popcorn

We love this simple sensory activity- our Pop, Bang, Kapow popcorn! This is perfect for your slightly older children (remember popcorn should always be a supervised activity). Not only lots of fun to play with but also a delicious snack.

Aquaman Waterbeads

The underwater superhero Aquaman needs a waterbeads underwater lair to explore. The texture of waterbeads are amazing- they feel like jelly in a ball form and add an extra sensory dimension to any water activity. Add some tongs, scoops or cups to see how many your little one can collect or simply run your fingers (or even toes) through to explore the sensation.

Don’t forget that waterbeads should always be a supervised activity.

Hulk Smash Potatoes

How fun do these green ‘Hulk’ potatoes look?! Simply add a little food colouring when cooking your potatoes to make them green. Don’t get mad like the hulk though- you can grab some mashers, scoops and other utensils and squish your spuds for lots of sensory fun.

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