Five simple birthday themed messy play activities to try at home

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Five simple birthday themed messy play activities to try at home

September is a big month for Mess Around, where we spend the whole month celebrating our messy birthday at our Big Birthday bash messy play events across the UK. In 2019 we are celebrating our 7th year of bringing the mess to you.

We have lots of sessions running across the UK- all you have to do is come along and Mess Around and leave the cleaning up to us!

But if you want to get inspired and try some messy play at home then here are five simple birthday themed messy activities so you can join the celebrations.

Balloon Stack

You can’t host a birthday party without balloons, but why not put a messy twist on the traditional party decoration. We stack a pile of balloons with shaving foam or mouldable soap to help them balance. Kids love knocking over the toy but also exploring the foamy mess!

Cake Smash

Did someone say cake? Our cake smashes are a great addition to any Mess Around messy play birthday party. Of course, we smother ours in cream and decorations and allow the kids to dig in with their hands, spades or shovels to get as messy as possible. We can also create cake smashes for children with allergies so nobody is left behind!

Cake Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is a fantastic sensory messy play tray to explore. Combining flour and oil to make a crumbly substance that you can mould.  We add sprinkles to our Birthday cake cloud dough to give it a birthday twist. Learn how to make cloud dough here.

Custard Pies

Custard pies don’t just have to be for clowns! We allow custard to set in flan trays and add a flourish of cream to make them look like the real deal. The kids love mushing the texture of the custard, and of course, its taste safe.

Jellly & Ice Cream

The party classic- jelly and ice cream- is the perfect addition to your messy play party. And the great thing with popping it all on a tuff tray, is no washing up! Simply let the kids create their own concoction and explore the textures of the wobbly jelly and chilly ice cream! Yum!

If you would like to learn more about ‘What happens at a messy play birthday party?’ then read our blog.

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