Painting with Eggs

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Painting with Eggs

This weekend we spent an afternoon creating a colourful canvas with some eggs and paint and got very messy in the process.


Having seen a post on social media about creating a canvas using paint filled egg shells I knew we needed to give it a try over here at Mess Around North Surrey HQ and it’s fair to say we all had a blast.

All you need to for this messy activity is 

  • A blank canvas
  • Empty, clean and dry egg shells (we used 12)
  • Paint
  • You may also want to use old sheets to keep your walls clean!

Preparing the eggs

I used a knife to crack open the eggs at the top and then removed enough of the shell to allow for the paint to be poured in.

Once the yolks were removed (thank goodness it’s pancake day this week) I washed the insides with warm soapy water and set aside to dry.

Once the eggs are dried my eldest son and I filled the shells with 6 different colours


Now for the fun bit

We set up two canvases so each of our boys had one they could create so they each had 6 eggs to use. My eldest was so eager to get stuck in and although he struggled to crack the shells with his throws this just added to the fun of it all as he was able to keep throwing each egg and adding more paint to the canvas, the paper, the floor and even the kitchen wall and clock!


Meanwhile our littlest mess maker has never been great when it comes to getting paint on his hands or feet so this activity was going to go either way but surprisingly he got stuck straight in and loved it as much as his older brother. Again he loved throwing and rolling the shells around the canvas before collecting them back to have another go.


I think was definitely the messiest activity we have done at home but also the most fun.


And the best thing is we now have a beautiful, memory filled canvas for each of the boys bedrooms.

Why not give it a try.

There are LOADS more Messy play and craft ideas over at our blog.

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