Tuff Tray fun!

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Tuff Tray fun!

Life’s a Beach

As like many other families, we had planned to be on holiday over the Easter holidays so today I thought as we couldn’t visit the beach I would bring the beach to us with this fun tuff tray set up. I simply added some dry and wet sand, added some shaving foam for the seafoam and some bubbly water. We then added some bath toy boats and animals and away the boys went.


Both enjoyed exploring the different textures of the sand and shaving foam, moving the boats from the ‘sea’ to ‘dry land’ through the seafoam. My eldest happily incorporated his favourite TV show ‘Paw Patrol’ into his play with the boats while his little brother was more happy adding extra props to the scene.

An added bonus to this activity is once the boys tired of playing with it, I got them to wash all of the props with a bowl of water which kept them occupied for another 10 minutes while I mixed together all of the sand and shaving foam to make some sand foam. I then added some buckets and spades and got another half an hour of playing from the boys. Once finished with you can leave the sand to dry out and it can be played with as normal again.


Frozen Dinosaurs

We had a great time watching the first Live from Mess Around Ltd and soon set about freezing some dinosaurs in some water. As we didn’t have any balloons to hand we simply used some tupperware containers and left to freeze overnight.

The boys then set about freeing the dinosaurs using water, salt and a hammer. They really enjoyed using all of the different things to defrost the ice, listening to the ice crackle when the salt was added.


This easily kept both of them engaged for a long time with my eldest focused for about an hour, it even enticed daddy out to play!


If you missed the Live Dinosaur Detectives event and how to make your own dinosaur eggs then you can check it out here.

Small World play

For our third and final tuff tray activity this week we took it inside and made ourselves a small town. With a few Happyland buildings, some cars and animals and a little bit of masking tape for the road we were able to create a little world for the boys to play. We even found some fake grass (from Home Bargains), small stones and made a pond from some blue paper and bubble wrap.

Both my boys love playing with cars so they really enjoyed this activity and once set up it was something they could keep coming back to and adding too as their play progressed.


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