Franchise Story: Expanding South Yorkshire

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Franchise Story: Expanding South Yorkshire

Sound the Messy Alarm!

South Yorkshire is expanding

Alanna has been spreading the Mess Around fun over South Yorkshire for over 4 years now and we are so excited for her as she expands her business.

Alanna has worked hard to build Mess Around South Yorkshire into the thriving business it is today, and her hard work has paid off. Last month she was able to purchase Little Monkeys Play Café in Sheffield and we can not wait to see how it develops alongside Mess Around. If we know Alanna it will be full of creative loveliness (and of course messy play!)

Here is what Alanna had to say about her exciting news:

‘Jungle Monkeys is a lovely, small indoor play café on the outskirts of Sheffield. I first visited when Elliott was little, and he had his second birthday party there. I’d always thought it was a perfect sized venue for little ones, as wherever you sit you can always see your children playing (so actually get the chance to relax and enjoy a cuppa, unlike some of the larger places where I always worried about the larger more boisterous kids or the larger equipment being unsuitable for my tot)

The café is aimed at under 6-year-olds with two small soft play frames suitable for little ones and a range of toys to play with. It opens M-F 10-2:30pm and then hosts private parties at the weekend.

When I saw that the place was up for sale, I was so excited and knew that it was the ideal opportunity to expand my growing messy play franchise in South Yorkshire. Based on what I had learned running my business, I approached my bank with a detailed business plan to extend and they agreed to support the venture!

I have opened with things the same as they were before to get a sense of what works well and consider what I’d like to change. I feel the place has so much potential! I’d like to undertake refurbishments in the near future, and I have plans to extend the opening hours and offer a variety of baby/toddler groups including mini-messy play sessions of course! So, watch this space.’


Here at Mess Around HQ we are so proud of all the work Alanna has put into her franchise and this growth really shows that all the hard work pays off.


If you are interested in joining our ever-expanding team and owning your own franchise area why not download a prospectus today to find out more.

We have a secure, tried and tested model in place to help new franchisees grow their business into successful areas such as South Yorkshire.

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