A Day in the Life – Mess Around West Suffolk

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A Day in the Life – Mess Around West Suffolk

I love the fact that no two days are the same.

I am either prepping, marketing, or out delivering, somedays it may be all three. It keeps me as busy as I want to be and keeps me on my toes!

Today I am going to take you through a typical event day.

I run most of my events in the mornings which means I can be home and cleaned down before I tutor and have to collect my own children.

The car is always packed the day before and so it is easy to jump in the car at 8:30am drop my daughter at her childminders and head to the venue. I tend to get to the venue about 90 mins before my event and I do not stop!

I start by unpacking everything out of the car, then lay the tarpaulin out. Once this is down the paint table and sheets are put into place. Then out go the foam mats with the tuff trays and tubs. Once we are that this stage I can then put a carrier bag on each tray. In the bag is all the toys and equipment for that tray and the mess that will go on the tray. I then spend time setting up each tray and making sure everything looks perfect. It is important to me that each tray carries that WOW factor, even if after 30 seconds it has been splatted, squidged, and squashed beyond recognition.

Once the trays are set up, I can then set up the entrance area and banners, fill up wash stations, and set up the music system. We are then good to go! Hopefully, I have managed to do it in enough time to jump on a quick Facebook live to let everyone know where we are and what the trays look like.


Then the fun really begins. I open the doors 5 mins before the session starts and begin welcoming people to the event. Immediately they can get stuck in and boy do they! It is amazing to watch all their faces and I love to see the little ones getting straight to it. I spend the hour running around taking pictures, mopping up spills, topping up mess and paint, and getting to know my customers.


Five minutes before the end of the session I stop the music and put on our “theme” tune. Our regulars know that this means we are about to end the session in style! Out comes my snow machine and for the next four minutes we all jump around like loons to Venga Boys while everyone gets blasted with snow! It is the perfect end.


The next 90 mins are spent cleaning! I go around and collect up all the toys and equipment. Scrape the trays out and stack them, remove all the sheets and the sweep the foam mats and stack them. I then have the task of sweeping and mopping the tarpaulin. Once that is done I can then hoover around the edges of the hall and start re-packing the car. One final mop around the edges and I can then fold the tarpaulin. One more check over to make sure I haven’t missed anything and we are on our way home.

It takes another hour at home, after a cup of tea, of course, to clean the toys and equipment (I cheat and they go in my washing machine and dishwasher) While they are on their cycle I power hose the trays and mats before drying and putting everything away.

I love busy days and event days are certainly that. I also love that I am in control of when I do my events, so if I want to do 4 in one week I can do it, if I just want to do 1 a week then that is fine too.


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