Franchise Story: Why a Mess Around Franchise is an Excellent Investment!

Mess Around UK The UK’s leading messy play provider!

Our parties and events, run by our wonderful, dedicated franchise leaders throughout the UK, are multi-sensory, larger-than-life, messy play experiences for under 5’s and older siblings.

Franchise Story: Why a Mess Around Franchise is an Excellent Investment!

Why a Mess Around Franchise is an Excellent Investment?

You may be wondering if a franchise with Mess Around is a good investment choice right now, and you would be right to think this! So is a Mess Around Franchise and Excellent Investment

Quite simply put – yes!

Even with the uncertainty around the cost of living right now parents still want fun activities for their children. What makes us different and more appealing is that you pay as you go, no commitment to termly bookings, no large payment every 6 weeks. If anything, this will help parents more than ever during this uncertain times.

The cost you pay for your franchise is exactly what we lay out in the prospectus – there are no hidden costs. We never charge you for advertising. Our management fee is a % of royalties, done this way so you have the secure knowledge that I will work with you to ensure you and your business are reaching their full potential each month.

You get access to all our training materials – this is for the whole term of your contract. So no trying to remember all the information given in a day! You get to revisit the training as often as you need. You get a HUGE stock of pictures, videos, branded assets, programmes, experience. The list goes on and on.

You will be able to start earning money within 3-4 weeks of signing with us and we will make sure you are fully equipped to do this.

With the potential to make back your original fee easily within 12 months now is the right and perfect time to invest*!


If you would like more information or just a chat to answer some questions you may have then please drop me an email


*please note this is dependent on the number of sessions you run each month.
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